Letter to the Editor: The Senate fails to ratify the CRPD

U-News Staff

To the editor,
People with disabilities have rights too!  Americans with Disabilities need the CRPD.  The Convention on the Rights of Peoples with Disabilities is a United Nations Treaty. As a disabled veteran I support the ratification of the CRPD. I have personally lobbied the Senate to ratify the treaty as the president of the Disabled Students in Higher Education. DSHE recently traveled to Washington DC to speak with Senator Roy Blunt about the rights of disabled Americans and the CRPD. DSHE argued that the academic standards in tests such as the LSAT, GRE, CBASE, and the GMAT are unfair. UMKC Disabled students trying to gain admittance to post-secondary education are kept out of Universities around the nation. The UMKC Testing Center test administrators often told to deny accommodations needed to pass these tests.

On December 4th the US Senate will voted to deny ratification the UN treaty. This treaty was supported by all Veterans groups, Americans with Disabilities, and other major organizations for people with disabilities. The treaty has wide ranging implications for disabled Americans traveling around the world. The ailing former Senator Bob Dole recently wrote to his friends in the Senate asking them to ratify the CRPD. The CRPD is considered an improvement on the Americans with Disabilities Act. The CRPD addresses issues like equal access to education, work, and the ability to gain access to government buildings. The Americans with Disabilities is 22 years old. Disabled Americans have seen their world has change for the better since inception of the ADA

There was wide support for passage of CRPD. Senators such as John Kerry and John McCain supported the passage of the CRPD. Disabled Missourians need the CRPD to garner good paying jobs. Disabled Students in Missouri want the CRPD to pass so that we may get a chance to go to Dental School or to become an attorney. Many Americans have no idea what it is like to try to get into a seat on an airplane if you are in wheelchair. In many countries you cannot fly if you are in a wheelchair. The CRPD address all of these issues. The Senate needs to ratify the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

Vincent Cannady,

UMKC Student