DJ Kittie says goodbye to Kansas City: Local DJ seeks fame and fortune in Las Vegas

Kharissa Forte

DJ Kittie gave the turntables one last spin in Kansas City during her “Say Goodbye” party on Thursday, Nov. 15 at the Mosaic Lounge before leaving the following Monday to chase her dreams of fame and fortune in Las Vegas.

“My real name is Kelly,” DJ Kittie said. “I actually got my [stage] name from an old friend of mine when I was in the 9th grade. He said I looked like a cat, so he nicknamed me Kittie and it stuck with me.”

The youngest of three and the only girl to a single mom, the ambitious 25-year-old grew up believing in the ethics of hard work and determination.

“I lost my father when I was about one. My mother was so busy working all of the time to provide for my brothers and me that I barely remember her in my life as a child,” she said.

DJ Kittie said that she was a tomboy, trading Barbie dolls and dress up for playing Army games and jumping off rooftops.

“Once I hit my teenage years, I got super girly all of a sudden. I probably watched too many video vixens on TV,” she said.

Her road to becoming a DJ was unlike the routes many aspiring disc jockeys take. DJ Kittie was a gogo dancer at some of Kansas City’s premier clubs.

“I would watch the DJs do their thing on the tables and would think to myself, ‘I’m pretty sure I could do that.’ I got on the tables one day and it just came out so naturally,” she said.

The DJ industry is male-dominated and DJ Kittie thrives on their energy.

“A lot of men look at me like I’m a dumb a–, but when I get on the tables they show me respect,” she said. “I got skills. I have male DJs asking me for favors now.”

While being one of the only females in the game makes her stand out, DJ Kittie refuses to let gender be the sole factor that sets her apart from other DJs.

“I step my game up all the way because people are going to test me just because I’m a female DJ. I’m working every day to be better, so the fellas better watch out,” she said.

One of DJ Kittie’s sets runs from two and a half to three hours following a few opening acts. She primarily plays hip hop, but can also play house, top 40, mash ups and electro.

While Kansas City offers decent nightlife events on the weekends, DJ Kittie said she needs to live in a city where nightlife pops on more than just Friday and Saturday.

“I want to accomplish my dreams and make it big. I want to sell out every event that I’m a part of. I want to come back to Kansas City and take my mom house shopping. I want to provide for my family and friends,” she said.

To other young women chasing their dreams, DJ Kittie leaves this advice: “Do the damn thing! Let all the negative things that people say motivate you. You just have to do it and don’t turn back.”

For more information on DJ Kittie, visit her website:

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