Word On Campus

Kate Baxendale

David Scott

Senior David Scott, a psychology and sociology double major, said he is concerned about the distribution of wealth in the U.S.:

“The top 1 percent controlling the majority of the wealth in this country is alarming. The unemployment rate is also a big issue.”

Marriage equality is another important issue for him.

Shontel Moore

Junior psychology major Shontel Moore said she has not decided which candidate will receive her vote on Tuesday.

“Job security is really important to me because of the current state the economy is in,” she said.

Moore feels health care should be a right only for some.

“People with drug problems who contract illnesses should not be entitled to government-funded health care,” she said. “It should be reserved for those who need it to treat genetic illnesses like heart disease.”

“Same-sex marriage should be legal because if two people love one another, they should have the right to get married,” he said.

Shazameen Damani

Shazameen Damani, a junior chemistry major, said social issues are important.

“As a woman, I feel that abortion should be legal,” she said. “We have the right to choose.”

Damani also supports marriage equality and believes health care is a right that everyone should have.

“I think gay couples should have the same rights as straight couples. Everyone is entitled to happiness,” she said. “Health care is something that everyone should have access to. It betters people’s lives.”

Ellen Parsons

Junior psychology major Ellen Parsons said that the issues that matter most to her are climate change and social issues such as equal rights and reproductive rights.

“I am a woman, and all women should care about a woman’s right to choose,” she said.

Parsons said she will vote on Tuesday because it is her right and responsibility as a citizen. “I can’t complain about who is running the country if I don’t vote,” she said.

Renita Johnson

Sophomore pre-health student Renita Johnson participated in the pre-election.

“I voted because I need to keep my Pell Grant,” she said. “Scholarship money is important to me so I can attend UMKC.”