30 Minutes in the Master Class: Conservatory students learn to weave life into sound

Joey Hill

Among the many performances and concerts held by the Conservatory, the Master Class events allow Conservatory  students to perform and then receive a critique from visiting musicians. These classes are free and open to both students and the general public.

The Chamber Music Master Class on Oct. 25 was overseen by the Jasper String Quartet, recent winners of the Cleveland Quartet Award of 2012. The Jasper String Quartet has been together since 2006, and participates in musical outreach programs across the country.

A trio of Conservatory students, consisting of a violin, piano and cello, performed a piece by French composer Maurice Ravel. It’s known as an extremely technical masterpiece, requiring all three musicians, violin, piano and cello to be performing expertly well.

After the students finished the first movement, two members of the quartet helped fine-tune the piece, emphasizing the importance of animating the sound.

The violin sounded sorrowful and sharp, complementing the cello’s deeper exclamations of hurt. Both the violin and the cello play around the piano at times .

It is a gratifying experience to watch a chamber music group perform.

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