Player Profile: Sarah Meiners: ‘I can’t stop running’

Dan Moreno

 Senior Sarah Meiners runs 85 miles a week to stay in shape for UMKC’s cross country team.

Her diligence has paid off.

In 2011, Meiners earned First Team All-League honors for a fifth-place finish in the Summit League Championships.

In the 2012 league meet last Saturday, she led the Roos with a 6k time of 23:92.2, good for 22nd place.

Meiners, a biology major, started running during her junior year of high school at St. Francis Borgia in her hometown of Union, Mo.

“I fell in love with it [running] and started getting pretty good, “she said.

In addition to cross country, Meiners also participated in softball, swimming and basketball during her high school career, but she was faced with the decision of which sport to pursue in college.

Meiners said it was a tough decision, but she picked the one she most enjoyed..

Meiners is passionate about biology, and did not hesitate to select UMKC as her ideal university. Her love for cross country also paid off.

“I knew UMKC was a really good school for biology, and they were recruiting me for cross country,” she said.

Meiners has ambitious goals for the current cross country season.

“My goal this year is to win the conference,” she said. “It would also be a big honor to get the first league award – that would be great as well.”

Meiners wants to continue running for the rest of her life. After graduation, she plans to continue by participating in marathons.

“I pretty much can’t stop running,” she said. Meiners said running  is in her blood, while also mentoring how the coaches and runners provide a great atmosphere and camaraderie.

“We all have a great relationship. They are my best friends,” she said. “I could not imagine a better team with better coaches. We are blessed.”

Meiners said it can be difficult to balance school with cross country.

“Fortunately, I am very good with time management and my grades are good,” she said.

However, she admitted that being an athlete  is time-consuming and requires her for forego parties and the laid back fun other students enjoy.

“You have to realize that when you are in the middle of the season, there is no social life,” Meiners said.

Meiners would like to eventually earn a Ph.D. in biology and pursue a related career.

“I am really excited about the future,” she said. “I want to teach in the university and run for the rest of my life.”

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