Discovery Center offers visitors scent of nature

Joey Hill

Located at 4750 Troost Avenue, the Anita B Gorman Conservation Discovery Center is 10 acres of forest, swamp, plains and park that provides a perfect place to relax all year around.

The center is split into two parts: the Discovery Center building in front, which holds classes and lectures on nature and conservation for kids and families, and the sprawling network of trails through the nature park. The trail goes in a full circle but forks at the beginning, which allows visitors to walk under the canopies of trees and through the marshes in a single trip.

Deep in the park, visitors can walk into small alcoves of fresh dirt surrounded by trees. In the center lies a golden field of wheat which ripples in the wind.

Farther down the trail lies the marsh area, which features a wooden plank path above the algae-thick waters. Stalks of grass reach out of the waters.

The park was created with a distinct Lewis and Clark theme in mind . With every step, visitors will feel inclined to continue searching the area.  What makes the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center more enticing than other parks is how it tackles all of the senses, and especially provides the pure and rich smell of earth.

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