Financial Corner: SIFE- Going from underemployed to fully and happily employed

U-News Staff

The economy is not as well as it should be and finding a job remains to be a difficult journey. The recent unemployment rate shows the country at about 7.8 percent unemployment, which is the lowest it has been since January 2009.

Even though the numbers can  be discouraging, that shouldn’t stop students from pursuing their dream careers. There are many different ways to find jobs and internship opportunities. The Career Services Center here at UMKC has a main office in the Student Success Center and a satellite office in the Bloch School. Both help with practicing for interviews, critiquing résumés and workshops to help look for a job or career. Don’t ignore these opportunities to meet different employers and to practice communications skills, which are used in all types of professions.

Lana Viron, a manager at DST Systems, has a pet peeve when looking at résumés: when people don’t take the time to look over the little things in their résumés. It only takes 30-60 seconds for a recruiter to look over a résumé, so make sure to pay attention to grammar, spelling and the length, which should be one page maximum. Depending on the job, you could include in the résumé a website you built for a client, your Linkedin account or a personal blog. Recruiters understand it’s hard for people to explain who they are in one page, so having other websites or places to show who you are and what you like show effort and drive.

Above all else, Viron suggests remembering that a recruiter doesn’t want to know how giving you the job can help your career. A recruiter needs to know what skills, talents and knowledge you can bring to enhance their company.

The bottom line is it’s tough now to seek the type of job people think they deserve. Actively seeking internships, tailoring your résumé, going to job fairs, networking and researching on the Internet are a few steps toward landing that perfect career.  The next chances for UMKC students to practice their networking skills are Oct. 26 at the Criminal Justice & Criminology Career Expo or Oct. 30 at the Career Services Etiquette Dinner.

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