film review: Beyond music, ‘Pitch Perfect’ is anything but…

Elizabeth Golden

“Pitch Perfect” is a perfectly awkward mix of “Mean Girls,” a little bit of “Glee” and every high school musical ever made. Complete with quirky characters, outstanding music and a grotesque sense of humor, “Pitch Perfect” falls just short of perfection.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) would rather listen to alternative music at top volume than socialize with her peers. She dreams of becoming a record producer in Los Angeles and considers college a waste of her time. In order to please her overbearing, intellectual father, Beca joins an acoustic group with a bad reputation and weird members.

“Pitch Perfect” is perfectly choreographed, perfectly sung and perfectly entertaining. However, the film manages to do everything else wrong.

The story is predictable from start to finish, but what can viewers expect from a film about singing? All singing, dancing and acting films are the same: the main character is thrown into an unknown world and is forced to transform the music and the members into an outstanding acoustic machine.

The characters are stereotypical shadows of humanity without any depth to their personalities. Rebel Wilson plays Fat Amy and is definitely the most interesting part of the film, but she still manages to lack lifelike quality. She, along with every other character, is simply a slice of life short on relatable personality traits.

The majority of humor is gross-out humor, which is usually not funny. “Pitch Perfect” attempts to steal “Bridesmaids”-type comedy, but fails due to  lack of funny cast members. Unfortunately, Wilson will never become the new Melissa McCarthy.

Kendrick, however, is phenomenal. Who knew she could sing so brilliantly in addition to her already stellar acting? She seems better fit for supporting roles, but maybe if she received a better-written lead role, her performance would increase.

“Pitch Perfect” is obviously made for a tween audience. The jokes are unintelligent and the dialogue is boring. The only reason to see the film is for the music, which will probably attract the majority of the film’s audiences.

Overall, the film accomplishes what it set out to do. It is about music, promoted as a competition-type film, and definitely proves to be another musical comedy. Though other musical films have surpassed “Pitch Perfect” quality-wise, it is still entertaining, complete with enjoyable music and an inspiring message.

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