album review: The Killers are ‘Battle Born’

Dan Moreno

Their fans had to wait four long years to hear back from indie/alternative rock band The Killers, which recently released the new album “Battle Born.” Lead singer Brandon Flowers tried his luck by releasing a 2010 solo album titled “Flamingo,” which didn’t reach the top charts like The Killers’ previous albums.

Flowers, Dave Keuning on guitar and backup vocals, Ronnie Vannucci Jr. on drums and percussion, and Mark Stoermer on bass and backup vocals, built The Killers’ new album together, and  listeners can feel how well the music flows.  Some bands release albums from which fans only listen to one or two songs repeatedly, but not with “Battle Born.” All 15 songs on the deluxe version are masterpieces, and The Killers put in a big effort with the new material.

The album’s first single is “Runaways.” It starts with slow piano and guitar and flows like a river of relaxation, and then speeds up to make it a nice trip full of feeling before it comes to a slow end. “I turn the engine over and my body just comes alive, ain’t we all are just runaways, I knew when I met you, I’m not gonna let you,” sings Flowers with a very emotional tone.

This tune was intended to be the hit of “Battle Born,” but listeners may find it difficult to only pick one favorite song. The synths and electronic parts mixed with the drums, guitar and bass have made The Killers’ music so interesting and one can easily recognize the group’s sound.

Powerful lyrics have been one of The Killers’ standout characteristics. The album cover shows a segment from the song “Flesh and Bone,” depicting the lyrics “A dark horse running in a fantasy.” It shows a dark horse close to crashing into a speeding car in the middle of nowhere.

In “Battle Born,” every song is different from the next, showing the most sensitive side with “Here With Me,” a complete sad love song. The track starts with slow piano and Flowers’ voice pulling listeners into a sad story, but suddenly the drums and the guitar fill  the song with energy. “Don’t want your picture on my cell phone, don’t want your memory in my head no, I want you here with me,” the chorus says.

The Killers’ “Battle Born” is literally music to listeners’ ears with its enjoyable tunes and catchy lyrics.

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