Prayer tent unites Christian students on campus

Riley Mortensen

Each semester, the Unity in Christ sets up a 24-hour prayer tent, consisting of all Christian student organizations on campus.

Of the 16 religious groups on campus, 10 practice Christianity. Last week, Unity in Christ offered students and staff the opportunity to pray in a tent on the quad.

Senior Nicholas Ferguson   has many personal stories about his beliefs and has a personal perspective as a Christian student on campus.

Ferguson, originally from St. Louis, has been a Christian for nearly 16 years. He discussed the moment he said that he first understood Christianity.

“I think I was six or seven and there were these big guys with huge muscles,” Ferguson said. “They’d rip phone books and break baseball bats. They came to put on a show for the community, and at the end, they presented the gospel of the kingdom of God in a parable kind of illustration.”

Ferguson recalled the story of a train conductor who brought his son to work.  When the man needed to flip the switch and guide the train, he saw his son on the tracks and had to choose between his son or the people on the train who would crash if he didn’t flip the switch.

“At that moment, I saw it,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson is also involved with the Luke18 Project, which he said aims to establish a place of revival at colleges across the U.S. where “the lost can come home and the love of Jesus is felt.”

The group hosts a number of prayer and worship services on campus each week.

Ferguson said the prayer meetings are a source of spiritual guidance.

According to Ferguson, Jesus said Christians would experience persecution in the world. Ferguson said that he doesn’t always expect to be treated fairly.

Thai Lam, an adviser for the Luke18 Project from the International House of Prayer, said that students looking to get involved can find more information about the Luke18 Project and other groups through the Roo Groups link on the Student Involvement website,

“At UMKC it’s hard because it’s a commuter campus, but we have some amazing students and a lot of whole hearted students who love Jesus,” Lam said, adding that he feels this is made evident by prayer week.

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