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Dear Phoenix,

Q: My parents just got their own Facebook accounts and now they want to be my friends. I am worried they may not approve of the things they see on my profile. Should I accept them?

Dear rebellious offspring,

Parents joining the Facebook community may seem like a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. All parents are different. You can have a mom resembling Amy Poehler’s “cool mom” from “Mean Girls,” or you can have a mom like Piper Laurie’s maternal character in “Carrie.” Either way, most parents just want the best for their children, but their methods may not always be ideal.

Have a discussion with your parents about acting as your “friend” on Facebook and not as your parent.  Parents are infamous for being embarrassing, and no one wants to be embarrassed on Facebook.

It is right for them to be worried about some of the information and pictures on your profile. If you do not want your parents to see, you probably do not want your prospective employers to see either. In this era, employers jump to the Internet to see who they are truly hiring. Although it may be fun to post about your rebellious adventures, be careful about putting some information on the web. There is no such thing as privacy on the Internet anymore. You can attempt to change your privacy settings and limit what other people see, but the best way to keep your integrity and reputation is to simply not post socially controversial data.

Accept your parents’ friend requests, but talk to them about it. Most parents do not have the technological skills or time to even pay attention to immature posts. They raised you for a couple decades; the least you can do for them is be their friend on Facebook.

Dear Phoenix,

Q:What are some basic, daily makeup tips I can utilize?

Daily makeup has one goal: perfect one’s face without revealing the use of any cosmetics. Daily makeup is used to cover any blemishes and accentuate certain features. This being said, do not cake on makeup or you will end up looking like a drag queen. While my makeup is absolutely flawless, my cosmetic gender alteration is impractical for daily usage.

Apply foundation to even the skin tone and cover any blemishes. If you are using any liquid or cream foundations, remember to apply them before using any powders. Once your face no longer resembles a pepperoni pizza, lightly apply some blush to accentuate those fabulous cheekbones.

Accentuate the eyes with mascara and eye shadow. If you are going for a subtle look, like most, do not use a bright blue eye shadow. There are several techniques for varying eye colors and skin tones. The general rule of thumb is to highlight the eyelid and underneath the eyebrow while subtly contouring (or darkening) the crease of your eyelid.

There are several tips and tricks to makeup. You must always remember that makeup does not create beauty. You are naturally beautiful, but if you wish to change your look to match your outfits, cosmetics can provide this luxury.

Hope this helps!

Toodles for now,

Phoenix Rishon

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