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Phoenix B. Rishon

Dear Phoenix,

How does a soon-to-be college graduate figure out what to do with the rest of his or her life?

Dear every college student,

You are not alone in the endeavor of deciding your future aspirations. Every student is constantly trying to figure out what to do with his/her life, and with the tough economy, the pickings are slim. Sometimes, it is quite a challenge to balance passion in a certain field of study with practicality.  Some passions lead to careers that pay big bucks, while others leave you begging for change. These financially superior careers may give you a positive number in your bank account, but money does not equate to happiness.

You must make a career choice a bit more serious than McDonald’s or Taco Bell. You must choose whether happiness or financial stability is your priority in life. This is not to say that you cannot achieve both, because it is quite possible. You may not acknowledge this, but the fact that you are attending college puts you ahead of many individuals. Education is extremely important in today’s society.

The best advice I can give anyone is to do what you love with people you love. In order to discover your passion, get an internship, participate in research, study abroad or shadow someone in a similar profession. You will find that even the richest businessmen are not happy if they are not devoted to their jobs. If you want to acquire your Ph.D., work hard, and you will receive the honor of having a prefix before your name.

There is no manual I can present you to succeed in life. If there were, I would be distributing it in mass quantities. As it is, everyone must make mistakes and learn to succeed in their own ways. Never give up.

As one of my favorite drag queens, Latrice Royale, put it, “Get up. Look ‘sickening,’ and make them eat it.” Do not give up because you make a mistake. Get back up and prove you are strong enough to take a challenge.

While none of this is concrete advice, it is all I, a fellow college student, have to offer. Life may not allow all of us to follow our particular passions, but be grateful for what you have and do your absolute best.

When life gives you lemons, make spiked lemonade, because plain lemonade is just not good enough.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

The age-old question of the chicken or the egg is still up for constant debate. I am sure there is a lengthy, descriptive, philosophical answer a professor can provide. The answer may confuse you or light a brilliant, metaphorical bulb in your brain.

My answer is the egg, and let me tell you why. I eat eggs for breakfast and chicken for supper. So, simply, the egg came first, at least for me. This philosophical debate becomes a menu for those of us at the top of the food chain.

While you and many others ponder the true answer, I attempt to decide what eat with my eggs.

Toodles for now,

Phoenix Rishon

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