More name change discussions planned

Mal Hartigan

When Chancellor Leo Morton suggested a potential name change for UMKC earlier this year, the idea met both support and opposition.

Morton’s suggestion supported the change from “University of Missouri-Kansas City” back to the university’s original identity, “University of Kansas City.”

Morton and other supporters believe the name change could uniquely distinguish UMKC as “Kansas City’s university.” The change to UKC, however, would not signal a departure from the University of Missouri system.

Others believe the UM designation in the school’s name gives it more national credibility, distinguishing it from for-profit colleges named after cities.

Because many students come from the Kansas City area, Morton is hopeful the university’s proposed name change will garner increased community support.

Morton intends to pursue further research and discussion to determine if a name change would ultimately benefit the university before proceeding.

UMKC will hold multiple forums and discussions during September for students, faculty and staff, who are encouraged to attend.

Students, faculty, staff, prospective students and alumni can also voice their opinion with an online survey, which will be offered in late September.

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