Tattoo of the Week: Blake Burger

Kynslie Otte

For some, one tattoo is never enough. For junior Blake Burger, his first tattoo from June 2009 has remained his only and most important.

His tattoo is the Latin word “Pacem” on his left wrist, which means “Peace” in English.

Though tattoos depicting peace symbols or the simple desire for peace may seem common, Burger’s incentive differs from the norm.

“My inspiration came from my persistent use of the word ‘peace’ and my dream of traveling abroad,” Burger said.

Like most, Burger didn’t get inked alone.

“A friend of mine went with me and got a tattoo in the same place,” he said. “I love it because it’s universal in so many ways.”

Burger got his tattoo at a small parlor in Cape Girardeau, Mo. called “The Little Drummer” for $30.

Tattoos have a reputation for being painful, but Burger disagreed.

“The most memorable part of my tattoo experience was the fact that it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it might, and my friend was beside me getting ready to get one as well,” he said.

Friends and family have varied reactions to tattoos, and in Burger’s case, his parents’ reaction was humorous.

“My mom was angry and accused me of contracting AIDs, which definitely wasn’t the case,” he said. “My dad was nonchalant about it and said it could be worse.”

Among Burger’s friends, his tattoo was well received, which he didn’t initially expect.

“My friends like it enough,” he said. “It’s nothing too crazy, it’s respectable and it’s small. Plus, it was something nobody expected from me. I was always the careful type, and never did anything spontaneously, so this was a shock for most of my friends.”

Though Burger has remained satisfied with his single tattoo, he plans to get more tattoos in the future, but will take his time.

“I want to wait and find something really meaningful to me,” he said. “I have found a few lines from books that I love, only I can’t decide where on my body I want to put them.”

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