Wheels turning without fossil fuels burning

Johanna Poppel

What is a good way to avoid parking tickets, rush hour traffic, high gas prices and crowded parking garages while maintaining a nice physique and making it to school on time? Commute to school by bicycle.

All Kansas City buses have bike racks, and all UMKC Student IDs double as a free, all-access bus pass.


UMKC offers several resources on campus for bicycle commuters, including numerous bike racks. Some include air pumps to help out stressed tires.

UMKC offers three locations for various biking needs:


  • The Hub offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to loan a bike for up to a semester. The program facility moved to the basement of Cherry Hall. Few bikes are still available to loan, but at the beginning of the semester, there were 56 bicycles available. A helmet and heavy-duty lock are provided for those who rent a bike.


The Hub also provides maintenance for those who already own a bike. Information is also available for bike riders such as a campus bike map showing the placement of campus bike racks. Other information includes safety and traffic regulations, maps of local bike trails and information on how to use the city bus system.


  • The Bike Shop by Revolve KC, at 5100 Troost Ave., has an Earn-a-Bike program. Bicycles are donated to the non-profit organization and the bikes are repaired and given away. Any community member can volunteer in the shop or at community events for 10 hours or take a two or three hour bike safety course available free online to earn a bicycle. Bicycles may also be purchased for a fair price as well.


  • For casual afternoon bike rides, Swinney Recreation Center offers a daily bicycle checkout program as a part of the campus’ “Clean Commute” program.


Bicycling is a growing passion and hobby for students and community members, and several clubs and events are available in the area.


It is important to stay safe and respect traffic regulations. When riding on streets, ride with the flow of traffic and stay on the far right side. Always wear a helmet and never use headphones. Be cautious of road conditions and other motorists, and be sure to use hand signals when turning at intersections.


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