Ask Phoenix: from Bigotry to Boobs.

Phoenix B. Rishon

Dear Phoenix, how do you deal with everyday bigotry?


Great question. It really depends on the situation. But for the most part, I keep my middle finger peacefully erect.


There will always be haters. There will always be people that do not agree with your values.


Bigots can hate me for everything that I am. But I love me and that’s all I need.


When someone crosses from peaceful disagreement to blatant disrespect, I usually come back with a witty rebuttal, smile and walk away.  I do not need everyone’s approval, and I am not about to break a sweat and a nail by starting a fight.


Sometimes I attempt to open their mind through discussing our differences, if the bigot is willing. Whenever getting into a discussion about heated topics or personal values, I do not enter with a goal to change the other’s mind. My goal is to simply open their narrow, little mind to varying perspectives.


Sadly, in regards to bigots, their prejudice stems from ignorance or irrational values, so discussion may be as successful as trying to cuddle with a porcupine.


I follow a fine moral of “Respect me and I will respect you.” We all should have the right to do what we want and hold our own opinions.  If I respect your discriminating, ignorant and unintelligent opinion, respect mine as well.


Do not let bigots offend you. They do not deserve the satisfaction of knowing they are bothering you.


I remind myself every day that while I may be in an awful mood, have a to-do list as long as Santa’s Naughty list, or remind people of the bearded lady they saw in their nightmare, I am beautiful, unique and wonderfully odd.


Look in the mirror everyday and say, “I am beautiful,” and believe it.

Remember: their opinion of you is none of your business. Do not let them get under your skin. You deserve to be loved and anyone that does otherwise isn’t worthy of your time.


Dear Phoenix, how do I make my boobs look bigger?


Honey, they call it a “wonderbra” for a reason. Push-up bras are God’s good gift to women. They may be more expensive, but it is completely worth it. You will not regret getting a quality “over the shoulder boulder holder.”


Another “trick of the trade” is socks; they are not just for your feet. Nestle them under the outside of your girls to push them in and up.


When all else fails, utilize one of the many ancient drag queen secrets.  Use makeup to recreate the shadows and highlights of the optimal cleavage.


Tootles for now,

Phoenix Rishon



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