Top 10 summer events

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As summer comes to a close, specific events nationwide and citywide have consumed the media and left citizens with pride or sorrow. While some events reflected positively on America, others struck communities with tragedy. Some notable occurrences even put Kansas City on the map. Here is a compilation of the top summer events and the hottest songs of summer 2012:

  1. The Dark      Knight tragedy – Though many of us were young when the Columbine High      School Massacre in Columbine, Colo. in April 1999, most of us will never      forget learning about the tragic shooting in nearby Aurora, Colo. this      July on the opening night of “The Dark Night Rises.” Twelve people were      killed and 58 were reported injured. Many victims were touched by actor Christian      Bale’s unannounced visit to area hospitals where survivors were being      treated.


  1. Summer Olympics–      Winning 46 gold medals, the U.S. was declared victorious this summer,      beating close competitor China with 38, Great Britain with 29 and every      other competing country. The U.S. also took home the most medals overall,      totaling 104. After securing at total of 22 medals, American swimmer      Michael Phelps broke the world record as the athlete with the most Olympic      medals before declaring his retirement as an Olympic athlete. With more      historic moments such as Gabby Douglas as the first African-American to      win all-around gold in gymnastics and a fierce reunion performance by the      Spice Girls at the closing ceremony, the world will have high expectations      for Brazil’s Olympic Games in 2016.


  1. Chick-fil-A      ruffles some feathers – The fast food chain’s president, Dan Cathy,      received intense criticism for his public statement defending traditional      marriage: “I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful,      arrogant attitude to think that we would have the audacity to try to redefine      what marriage is all about.” This statement, coupled with Chick-Fil-A’s      donations to anti-gay organizations, was interpreted by many as      discriminatory against the LGBT community and gay marriage, resulting in      intense backlash against the franchise. As members and allies of the gay      community refused to support Chick-Fil-A, Christians rallied to support      the business on Chick-Fil-A appreciation day.


  1. “The Avengers”      release – The film that      kicked off summer, opening on May 4, was the highest anticipated movie      event since “The Hunger Games,” which came out a few months prior.      According to Box Office Mojo, “The Avengers” raked in more than $207      billion on opening day and grossed more than $617 billion during its time      in theaters.



  1. Google Fiber      comes to Kansas City—firstKansas      City is the first spot on Google Fiber’s map of fiberhoods, making      fiber-optic internet easily available to neighborhoods citywide. Fiber      optic cables the size of a human hair can be installed to bring internet      nearly 100 times faster than the leading internet service providers in the      area. Here’s how it works: once a neighborhood has enough people to sign      up for Google Fiber, the whole community is then eligible to become a      fiberhood, capable of enjoying internet speeds that Edward C. Baig,      Personal Tech for USA Today,      says are comparable to that of Usain Bolt. Pre-registering for Google Fiber      costs $10. Google’s most affordable package, $300 for construction fees,      can be paid in one installment, or can be spread out in $25 payments for      12 months. After the $300 is paid, internet is free for seven years.


  1. Chad Ochocinco      and Evelyn Lozada say, “I do” –      He’s the bad boy of football. She’s the bad girl of VH1’s hit reality      show, “Basketball Wives.” The two seemed to be a match made in heaven … or      hell. After exchanging nuptials just a month ago, the couple engaged in a      knock-out-blow-out that resulted in Ochocinco being dropped from the Miami      Dolphins and forced VH1 to cancel their spin-off show. It was fun while it      lasted.



  1. Kansas City      All-Star Game: The All-Star baseball game came to Kansas City this      July at the Kaufmann Stadium, bringing tourists and baseball fans from      around the country. Despite the KC Royals’ typically poor annual      performance, Kansas City’s chance to host the All-Star game gave baseball      fans a chance to appreciate the city and its most famous player, George      Brett.


  1. Mitt Romney      announces Paul Ryan as his running mateFour years have flown by since the last election, and as      President Obama prepares to run for re-election, Republican Presidential candidate      Mitt Romney officially announced Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his      running mate.


  1. Sherman      Hemsley dies at age 74 – A      TV icon for both the black community and for the image of America as a      whole, Sherman Hemsley played the iconic role of George Jefferson in “The      Jeffersons,” the spin-off of “Mama’s Family.” Hemsley’s character was the      first wealthy black man portrayed on American television. He passed with      no wife or children.


  1. It’s hot! – Record-high temperatures across      the globe coupled with severe droughts may be enough to give an edge to      the Mayan end-of-the-world prophecy. The summer drought in the Midwest has      caused the lowest water level in decades for the Mississippi and Missouri      rivers. Receding water levels has revealed sand bars, which look similar      to beaches – but look out. These sand bars act like quicksand, so boat      with caution.


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