Ask Phoenix: From relationships to walking in heels

Phoenix B. Rishon

This advice column is a new addition to U-News catered to you, the reader. It allows you to ask questions about everyday life and its multitude of obstacles. Before you submit questions, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Phoenix Rishon. I am a psychology student by day and alternative drag queen by night. I received the title of 2012 Princess of Kansas City Pride and have thoroughly enjoyed representing and inspiring youth.

While I am not a therapist, many people have complimented me on my ability to guide people through their troubles, which led me to create this peer advice column.

As a gay man and drag queen, I have faced many troubles. Getting through these obstacles has made me learn to love myself, and to help others learn to love themselves as well. I have dedicated my life to helping people and now this dedication branches out to you, the reader.

I have already received a handful of questions. One reader asks,

“What makes a strong relationship?”

Dear reader,

Many aspects can make a strong relationship, and every relationship differs.

One difficult factor to all relationships is balance: balance of honesty, sensitivity, understanding, love and communication. Communication is a very important aspect. I have heard many horror stories of relationships ending because secrets were kept. There cannot be trust or true love with a multitude of secrets. Both partners need to communicate their true feelings and be honest about how they feel while balancing the sensitivity to the other partner’s emotions. With honesty and communication comes trust, which makes a strong foundation for love, the fundamental key to a successful relationship.

Another reader asks,

“How do I learn to walk in heels or break in a new pair of heels?”

Dear tennis shoe wearer,

Cook dinner in your heels. Nothing looks better with an apron than a pair of six-inch heels. Make sure to have some music on so you can dance while you work around your abode in your fabulous attire. If you can dance in heels, you can walk in them.

Work on channeling your inner ballerina. Walk around on the balls of your feet and you will grow the ability to wear heels with pride. Work on those calf muscles; it is all about a strong calf and ankle. If you lack these, you will twist your ankle before you can say “Versace.”

One final tip: loosen up those hips! There is nothing worse than seeing someone in heels walking like a sailor. Sway those hips and treat the ground like a runway; one foot in front of the other. Heels are just another pair of shoes without confidence and a positive attitude.

Hope this helps!

Tootles for now,

Phoenix Rishon