Young entrepreneur has an eye for video production

Kynslie Otte

Kallie Hartigan discusses ‘Eyeperture Productions’

Kallie Hartigan’s passion for videography piqued the St. Joe native’s interest in KC’s up-and-coming market for photography and video production. With help from friend Adam Hirst, Hartigan established Eyeperture Productions in 2011.

Severe glaucoma left her partially blind as a toddler, but has not obstructed her goals. Since the company’s debut, Hartigan has edited and produced a music video for artist Mike Borgia and the Problems, which recently aired on Australian television.

Her comedy DVDs have also been successful. Two of Hartigan’s short films have been featured in the Griffon International Film Festival. She has also filmed five commercials, two of which aired on local television.

Establishing a company isn’t an easy feat. Hartigan answered some questions about her experiences and recent success in the industry.

Q. Why did you begin your own company?

A. In my hometown of St. Joseph, there are very few options for someone pursuing video production, so I decided to create my own. I chose to start Eyeperture Productions from the ground up so I could do what I love every day. There is an untapped market in this area, and since we live in such a visual era, I only see the desire for video growing.

Q. What interested you in video production/editing?

A. The limitless possibilities. There are a dozen ways to shoot any scene, and a million ways to edit it. The fact that the smallest detail can change the whole feel of a single video fascinates me, and I love developing my own sense of style in the video world.

Q. What was the first video you ever edited? How old were you?

A. After realizing I wanted to film, I would take a video camera with me when I hung out with friends, on the weekends and at cross country races, etcetera. From there, I made videos for our cross country team and a video for my senior high school project. It only grew from there.

Q. You were diagnosed with glaucoma as a child. Does your visual impairment affect your job?

A. Sometimes it is hard while shooting live video, but I have never produced a poor quality product because of it. I like to think that having sight in only one eye lets me see the world in a different way. Really, I think my limited vision only influences and distinguishes my style more as an artist.

Q. How did you acquire the necessary skills?

A. Simply by doing it. The more I work with it, the more I push myself on each project. I try incorporating something new and unfamiliar into each project to push my growth as an artist. I also owe a lot of my knowledge to Adam Hirst and Jeff Meyer, who taught me so much along the way. Reading books on the subject certainly hasn’t hurt.

Q. How did you make your company possible?

A. By completely devoting myself to it. I still work full time at my blue collar job, but I come home every day and work six or more hours with video to make my dream come true. I am passionate about my work and my clients. I think pairing that with the visual integrity of my company has made it grow so quickly. The company’s website is almost launched, there are Eyeperture Production T-shirts for sale and you’ll even be able to “rent” a viewing of the DVD specials the company has produced through our website. Big things are happening!

Q. What do you typically film? How do you like to film/edit?

A. I have filmed and will film anything. I have filmed several comedy specials that are available for purchase, many “roasts,” live music, scripted music videos for bands, weddings, commercials, promotional material, instructional videos and more. However, what I love doing most is making short films.

I like to direct and edit as much as the situation allows. I feel like being able to control both aspects can really allow for some fresh and innovative ideas and looks. I like shots with a lot of movement. I have Adam to thank for opening my eyes to different shots and techniques. As far as editing goes, I’ve been told I have a pretty unique style.

Eyeperture Productions’ website is currently under construction. To view Hartigan’s completed projects, visit her Vimeo profile at

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