Student creativity on display: ‘Dossier Magazine’ publishes multimedia art

Mal Hartigan

Dossier Magazine, a semiannual, multidisciplinary publication, is a creative outlet for artists on campus and in the Kansas City community.

The full-color 32-page student-published magazine is relatively new and unknown.

Created by alumni Corey Light and Tara Kloeppel in fall 2009, the publication effectively combatted UMKC artists’ poor representation, providing an encouraging environment to gain exposure and share work with fellow students.

“We are the only student organization devoted to all forms of art and linking the UMKC campus with the booming KC art scene,” Editor-In-Chief Paige Lockhart said. “We differ from other publications in that we combine design/visual art with text.

We really want UMKC artists to have a consistent outlet for their creative pursuits.”

Dossier is funded through UMKC’s Student Government and the College of Arts and Sciences. The organization must present and request funds for each issue.

Only UMKC undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to submit free of charge.

Lockhart encourages all creative forms to uphold Dossier’s unique mix of content.

“Artists from any background can showcase their work through whatever medium they choose,” she said. “We don’t care if you’re writing secret poetry in the Bloch School of Business. We want to publish your work.”

Published works have included poetry, photography, drawings, paintings, graphic design, short fiction, printmaking, film stills and photojournalism, but Lockhart says artists are not strictly limited to these categories.

Each issue focuses on a single theme, decided each semester by the Dossier staff.

Interested artists then submit content that creatively reflects and expresses the selected theme.

Because Dossier aims to print a unique variety of works, not every submission makes the cut. The staff determines whether submissions creatively and accurately reflect the issue’s theme. If so, these selected works become candidates for publication.

This spring’s issue depicted the theme of solidarity with an intriguing blue and rust-colored cover illustration.

Inside, Kit Hunt’s poem titled “Heavy Gleam” expresses America’s unity through its collective depreciation and the importance of working toward change.

Sunny Syarova’s photo collage captures the movement of mouths, whether it be eating or grimacing.

Dossier has received an excellent response from a growing audience, publishing the work of up to 30 artists each issue. To satisfy readers, Dossier members recently agreed to include more content with longer, more in-depth issues. The publication was also made available online.

Lockhart and staff also promote readership across campus.

“We personally hand out magazines on campus, have meetings, talk to classes and hold events,” Lockhart said.

Dossier also hosts open mic nights on campus and holds a visual art gallery show in the Fine Arts Gallery.

“Word of mouth always helps, of course,” Lockhart said.

To share their work, Lockhart encourages readers to pass on the latest issue after reading rather than throwing it away.

“Each issue has a booming personality that can add to any coffee table or act as a nice conversation starter for first dates,” she said. “Trust me, it works.”

Interested students can pick up the latest issue at the Dossier office, located on the Student Union’s third floor, or in the Fine Arts gallery. Artists of any background can submit works to [email protected]

[email protected]