Support our AFL team, KC Command

Kharissa Forte

This past Friday, my husband treated my kids and me to our first arena football game. Our city’s team, the Command, opened the season against the Jacksonville Sharks at the Sprint Center. Since my daughter and I absolutely love football, we were thrilled.

When we arrived, I was surprised the stadium wasn’t packed. Not even all of the concession stands were open. An avid attendant of Chiefs games, I expected the spot to be jammed with crazy fans, long lines and lots of noise. What I encountered was just the opposite. Immediately, I went into business mode, considering why attendance was lower than what I thought it should be. My conclusion: a lack of support.

There are some key differences between NFL and AFL. For the most part, it’s the same and first-timers can catch on fairly quickly. The first big difference, however, is that there are eight men on the field (six on special teams) instead of 11. Also, the field is only 50 yards instead of 100 yards and players can play both offense and defense. The length of time and general rules are the same, complete with a stunt team and dance team. If you can get past those distinctions, you can follow the game.

KC Command’s players are pretty good. Okay, that’s an understatement. The players totally rock. They’re awesome. In fact, there are a few players who should definitely be on the Chiefs’ roster in the next two to three years.

Rookie quarterback Nate Davis is a star in the making. He completed 69 percent of his passes (about 150 yards or so), scoring three touchdowns in the first half. Wide receiver Christian Wise is another player I expect to see in the big leagues soon. The man is fast. After successfully catching Davis’ pass, he scored a touchdown only two plays into the game. Fans should keep their eyes on wide receivers Syvelle Newton and Bret Smith as well as defensive back Sergio Gillam. Unfortunately, the Command lost to the Sharks due to second-half mistakes. With that said, they still played a really good game. This team isn’t bad at all.

Command has a special history that should inspire Kansas City citizens to support the team. If Hurricane Katrina didn’t happen, we may not even have the team. Initially known as the KC Brigade, the AFL expanded its franchise here after the devastation shut down the New Orleans VooDoo. So, in an offbeat way, by supporting KC Command, we’re showing love to New Orleans.

With less than 100 followers on Twitter and not even a thousand “likes” on their Facebook page, it’s clear the KC Command needs support. Tickets are inexpensive, ranging from $18 to $100. With games at the Sprint Center, just about any seat is good.

Going to a Command game makes for a great date night, family event or guys’ night out. They have four new fans from my family, that’s for sure. Get on board and support the KC Command with us.

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