Musica Nova

Tevin Moore

The Conservatory event Musica Nova wowed audience members at White Recital Hall this past Wednesday highlighting performers’ various instrumental talents.

Musica Nova was a competition featuring guest ensembles such as the Carpe Diem String Quartet and the UMKC Graduate Fellowship String Quartet.

Directed by recent Pulitzer Prize recipient Zhou Long, Musica Nova was strictly instrumental with no vocal performances.

A prior Musica Nova event last semester featured similarly experimental solo performances from various Conservatory students.

Wednesday’s performance propelled a much deeper sense of music, where the audience members had to analyze the song while they listened.

The event included four groups that competed in front of an audience that voted during intermission.

Musica Nova presented raw musical selections. The event was extremely unique; the musicians performed with a variety of dynamics and also contained languid sections, conveying a mellow feel.

Musica Nova’s finalists included Chan, Zheng, Amiryan and Kern, all notorious performers with notable achievements who formed mind-boggling but yet elegant music.

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