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A Sentimental Gesture: Mother’s tattoo preserves important memory of son

Keziah Low, a nursing student, is a mother and tattoo enthusiast. She has 10 tattoos to date, but her most recent holds the most significance. Located on her right shoulder, it illustrates an eye with her son’s reflection in the iris.

Low explained why this tattoo held more significance than her others.

“I was inspired to get this tattoo because I missed having my baby as a baby (since they grow up so fast), so I wanted to immortalize one of the cutest faces he used to always make when he was an infant,” Low said. “Now he’s always watching over his mama and I can always carry him with me.”

She went to Irezumi on Westport Road for this tattoo, as well as many of her others.

According to Low, “It’s a great place and all the artists are absolutely amazing.” The tattoo cost $400.

Lowe also explained the reaction of her family and friends about the sentiment of her tattoo.

“They all loved it,” Low said. “They thought it was a really cool idea, although some of the older generation was a little concerned about when I get older and it doesn’t look like it does now, but I have no regrets about getting any of my tattoos.”

Getting inked has a reputation for being painful, but Low disagreed.

“My first tattoo didn’t hurt at all, and actually for most of them I’ve fallen asleep at some point,” Low said.

However, she experienced a sting with a few of her prior tattoos due to their location.

“The one that probably hurt the most was my peacock that goes across my rib cage and hip – there are some very tender spots there,” Low said. “Another one that hurt was the one going across my shoulder blades and over my spine. Other than those, I didn’t think any of them really hurt.”

Low also has the Chinese characters for “knowledge,” “heart” and “remember” across her left ankle. She has a tiger on her right ankle, a peacock spanning her rib cage to her hip on her left side, a triquetrous symbol with “live,” “love” and “laugh” on the inside of her left wrist, her name in Hebrew on the top side of her right wrist, a memorial cross on her lower back for her father and the sign of the “OHM” with a water lily across her upper back.

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