Valentine’s Day around the world

U-News Staff

Countries around the globe celebrate Valentine’s Day differently than the United States. Here are a few of them.

Canada has similar celebrations to the U.S., throwing parties and exchanging gifts with lovers, while children in school make cards and place them in each other’s decorated boxes. Songs, skits, plays and concerts are also organized by schools and communities to celebrate.

In Australia, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by certain age groups. According to, about 90 percent of the people in the age group of 18-24 and 45 percent of people over 50 are said to celebrate the holiday.

In Japan, there are two days on which lovers celebrate each other. On Feb. 14, women give out gifts and chocolates to the important men in their lives.

When it comes to the chocolate, there are two different kinds. “Giri-choko,” is typically bought from the store and given to non-lovers, while “honmei” is given to the boyfriend or lover and is usually handmade.

On March 14, known as “White Day,” the men who received chocolates on Valentine’s Day return the sentiments.

Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month in the Chinese Calendar, the day is also called “Festival of the Double Sevens” or Qi Xi – “The Night of Sevens.” The other popular name for this day is “Seven Sister’s Festival” or “Daughter’s Festival.”

On this day, lovers visit the Temple of Matchmaker and pray for their love and happiness and their possible marriage. Singles visit the temple and ask for their luck in love.

Brazil does not celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14, but celebrates Dia dos Namorados (Day of the Enamored) on June 12, having similar celebrations to the U.S.

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