UEC hosts Trivia Night

Lindsay Adams

The Undergraduate English Council (UEC) is making a name for itself and keeping involved on campus by hosting events that appeal to students from different disciplines at UMKC. “Our general goal is to promote English studies on campus through a diverse range of programming and activities,” said Ben Moats, UEC faculty sponsor.

It is not a new organization. “The UEC was started at UMKC by Dr. Jane Greer, and it has been here for 10 years now,” Moats said. Recently the group has been through some difficulties, but is glad to be back with several new events.

“The downfall of UEC at the moment is the lack of members we have,” said Roseanna Brooks, UEC member and head of the Trivia Night committee. “We just want people to be able put a face to the UEC and get us back on the map now that we’ve overcome some of the roadblocks that had, until recently, prohibited us from being a recognized group that can receive funding.”

UEC welcomes all students, and they are constantly looking for members to get involved.

Trivia night will be Jan. 27 next to Jazzman’s in the Student Union. “This was just the UEC’s idea of a simple and fun event to kick off the semester,” Brooks said.

Anyone can participate in the event. “This event is going to be a mesh of interesting trivia that in one way or another ties to literature, writing, and other tropes associated with English,” Brooks said. “However, it’s not going to be too exclusive that people who aren’t English majors aren’t going to be able to answer questions. I’ve made sure of it.”

The largest event that UEC is planning this semester is an interdisciplinary symposium its are hosting with GSA in April, which will feature written work by students presented to a panel. The theme of the symposium is “Conflict and Confluence: Undisciplined Perspectives.” KCUR’s Jabulani Leffall of Central Standard will host the event.

“For UEC, I think we all feel the same way about bringing in as many people as we can to both the organization and to the events we host,” Brooks said. “This semester is all about Literature for Life Week and we want to make this a great experience for everyone.”

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