UMKC Greek Organizations GPAs Higher than average student

Lindsay Adams

Chi Omega and Beta Theta Pi were among the highest scoring Greek Organizations.
Chi Omega and Beta Theta Pi were among the highest scoring Greek Organizations.

UMKC hosts 16 national and international fraternities and sororities. For each of these Greek organizations, academic excellence is one of the most important focuses and values instilled by the Greek community. Many fraternities and sororities consider themselves “leaders on campus,” which gives them the obligation to fulfill scholastic expectations. Greek organizations at UMKC have surpassed previous achievements in the area of academics this past semester.

“Many of the chapters on campus have a required GPA that usually meets or exceeds the standard,” said Inter Fraternity Council Risk Manager Ben Castro. Last semester the all fraternity, all sorority and all Greek GPAs were greater than the all men’s, all women’s and all campus GPA. The GPA for fraternities, sororities and all Greek was either the same or higher from other years, thanks to the academic resources given to Greek organizations by the councils and chapters.

“The UMKC Panhellenic community strives for high chapter GPA’s and overall scholastic achievement. Last year, we held roundtable discussions and scholarship workshops that helped chapters learn about study skills,” said Amra Suljic, Vice President of Scholarship for Collegiate Panhellenic Council.

According to UMKC Institutional Research, the cumulative GPAs of all students last fall was 3.056/3.104. All greek GPAs were 3.229/3.284. All UMKC male students’ GPAs were 2.968/3.027 whereas all fraternity GPAs were 3.154/3.151. All UMKC women’s GPAs were 3.120/3.161, and all sorority GPAs were 3.275/3.363.

Using an assortment of support and incentive programs, fraternities and sororities have started to strengthen their academic GPAs. Every chapter has its own scholarship standards and programs. The chapter sets its own minimum GPA and scholarship standards for membership. Fraternities and sororities have their own assistance programs within their chapters for their members. They are educated about academic support services and are urged to use them. Their advisor, the Assistant Director of Student Involvement Shelby Coxon, aids Greek students who need help.

“This year the Panhellenic council is starting a monthly newsletter that will feature a scholar of the month and are planning to host workshops about campus resources and time management,” Sujic said. “Inter Fraternity Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Councils at UMKC have similar programs and are regularly connecting with the Office of Student Involvement, Multicultural Student Affairs and a variety of other campus resources to ensure that academics remains a priority.”

For more information about our fraternities and sororities, please visit our website at or contact the Office of Student Involvement at 235-1407. The Fraternity and Sorority Council also has an office on the third floor of the Student Union and will start office hours on Jan. 23.

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