Wanting acceptance

Rosita Rique-Sanchez

Soon I’ll be getting a puppy. I’m worried about him being accepted by our other animals. My roommate and I have a 7-year-old black lab and 6-year-old cat. He is a 6-week-old puppy, fresh from his mother’s womb. He’s an all-white boxer.

But would he be accepted by these old heads?

My cat, Piojo, is very accepting of other animals. He loves dogs. He tends to like dogs more than he likes other cats. My roommate Christa’s dog, Jazmyn, loves all animals. She’s like a mother figure for other animals.

Our animals are very easy-going and work well together, but I just wonder about how they would both get along with a puppy.

What happens when he wants to play?

I wonder to myself if Jazmyn will get along with this puppy for the pure thought of puppies wanting to play all the time. He will probably irritate her because she’s so old.

Also, Piojo keeps to himself most of the time, with the exception of his rare moments of cuddling. He will lay with Jazmyn and cuddle while they sleep.

Our animals are practically expensive furniture. They don’t do much these days.

I think this puppy will get them up and moving. Maybe they will lose some weight!

But my biggest fear is that they will reject him from their circle of trust. They might even be mean to him or hurt him. The animals aren’t cruel-natured, but think of it from a grandparent’s point of view. They get irritated with us after we get hyper.

I know they will get along eventually, but my worries are in the beginning and whether it will affect the way he acts when he gets older. I know these animals are mild-tempered but they are far more accepting than human beings.

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