Blue + Gold does not equal brown

Mark Linville

I admire the university’s efforts to keep the campus clean. For years I have seen different aspects of the university improve.

UMKC has added new buildings with a more sleek and polished look. No more vintage drywall with a faded paint job and dry cracking wood trim and furniture.

The landscaping has always been exceptional.

Year round you will be sure to see someone tending to the foliage, blowing leaves, trimming trees and grass, and shoveling snow. This truly is a campus to be proud of.

However, there are moments of ill care on the university’s part.

No, I am not referring to the UMKC homes and the derelict condition some of them are in.

I am talking about the human waste department. I know no one likes to deal with the filthy human by-product, but people don’t want to see or smell it either.

What inspired me to comment on the cleanliness of the Volker campus is the presence of the port-o-potties on 51st Street. Since the Homecoming celebrations, and the Oct. 1st block party, two Johnny on the Spots have sat abandoned right in the path of students’ commute to classes for more than month. When heading up the stairs to the quad, one can’t help but notice the capsules of human excrement.

When the day is warm enough, or when the wind blows right, you get a nice whiff of what Johnny has to offer.

I don’t see a need for the “can” to be there. Students do not use them, nor is there a construction zone in the vicinity. The closest is the Cherry Street Parking Garage.

They are surely not the “best seat in the house.”

I think this is an issue that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

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