Letter to the Editor: A modest proposal

U-News Staff

I would like to encourage the creation of a cross-campus coffee pass.

The availability of this pass would allow students to essentially prepay for refills in order to unify the multiple coffee shop locations on campus (Jazzman’s, Einstein Bros’, Robot Café, Starbucks).

The Coffee Pass would prevent excessive and redundant purchases, which can now only be avoided by returning to the original location of purchase for a coffee refill.

This saves students time, money and substantially curbs the number of paper cups thrown away each year. Since coffee is a highly marked up commodity, refill promotions are fairly common within the coffee industry (source: I have worked at Starbucks for 3 years). The University has an interest in encouraging students to remain on campus during the day and also to save students time and money, which could otherwise be directed at studies.

Both of these could be accomplished with the inclusion of the proposed coffee pass.

I see no reason why a coffee pass would be an unworkable proposal, as it would only further streamline the already integrated food service offerings on and off campus. This will only improve the UMKC student experience, and I would be happy to see it implemented soon.

-Frederick Phillip Wolff

Political Science Major