Letter to the Editor

U-News Staff

I am a student at the University of Missouri Kansas City and the food prices are not in the budget of a college student.

A bagel should not cost $2.49 at the Einstein Bros Cafe. A strawberry cafe (smoothie) should not cost $4.49. The Cafeteria food plan rates are too high.

Why does it cost $2,000-$3000 to eat at the cafeteria? Throughout my day, I do not have time to go to the cafeteria. That’s between studying, classes, extra activities and programs that I am involved with on campus. I eat at the cafeteria once a day. That’s for dinner. Chick-fil-A chicken is not in the price range of a college student as well.

The Market (Campus store) prices are outrageous. A bottle of Naked Juice, 16 oz. should not cost $5.00. Wal-Mart’s 16 oz. bottle of Naked Juice costs $2.39.

We as college students have to accept these prices because it’s convenient. Also due to the lack of transportation for some students, the amount of space in our dorm room mini refrigerators, and money (college is expensive enough).

Yes, we have a free bus pass for the metro bus, to be able to get around but we are only allowed so many bags on the bus.

These circumstances need to change.