Party animals or bag snatchers in hiding?

Louis Trigg

Halloween has evolved from a playful occasion celebrated predominantly by kids into a chance for college students to become interactive with their originality.

Halloween is celebrated by people of all ages, but there is no place that holds a bigger party than a college campus. College students celebrate the occasion in a variety of ways, but most perform the basic duty of dressing up in costume. In a survey by NACS’ College Research Services, more than half of the student respondents said they expect to dress up for Halloween.

Although there are numerous ideas for costumes, most students use the holiday as a way to express their originality, lack of money or admiration for hot topics in pop culture. 57 percent of those who plan to dress up say they expect to make their own costume. Conversely, 24 percent plan on purchasing designs from a retail store.

The trend of untraditional selection, however, has been seen in recent years, such as last year when global neighborhood watchman Antoine Dodson became one of the top inspirations for costume design. On the other hand, traditional outfits, such as witches and pirates, were chosen by less than three percent of the respondents in the survey.

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