Recognizing the importance of philanthropy

Louis Trigg

Among dozens of other calamities launched as a result of the current economic crisis, the lack of available funds for charitable organizations is troubling philanthropy leaders across the nation, motivating some philanthropic leaders to reinforce the vitality of social work to their colleagues.

Last week, UMKC’s Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at the Bloch School of Management sponsored the Philanthropy Midwest Conference, an event intended to provide solutions for philanthropy leaders struggling with the current landscape of the philanthropy terrain.

Although individuals are continuing to dig deep for good causes in the present-day conditions, philanthropic organizations are preparing for a lack of large donations by wealthy contributors in coming years.

Last December, the U.S. tied for fifth place out 153 nations in a report by the Charities Aid Foundation that surveyed the amount of money and time spent for philanthropic causes in individual countries. However, a July report by the Chronicle of Philanthropy revealed flat expectations for corporate giving in the immediate future.

The conference last week dealt with solutions for leaders of philanthropic organizations, some of who are already experiencing the crunch of light donations.

Co-sponsored by Nonprofit Connect, the event attracted more than 400 participants, who convened to share ideas and inspire each other last Monday and Tuesday at the Kansas City Convention Center. Three co-founders of the tech-startup served as the keynote speakers.

Featured speakers John Haydon, Rob Hatch and Marc Pitman stressed the importance of maintaining morale in altruistic organizations that may be suffering from an inability to make a difference.

Ahead of the conference, the three men already gained experience, inspiring others within the charitable industry. Their company is an online community that allows leaders in the industry to communicate inspiration, advice, and support to their colleagues.

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