The Composers’ Guild shows what it’s made of

Patricia Barra

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, melody overcame White Recital Hall as members of the Composers’ Guild presented new music. Students performed at the informal event. The selections had a wide variety, from the cello to synthetic sounds to the kazoo.

The show began with composer Chin Ting Chan with “Katachi I.” The song was comprised of electronic sounds.

The first song I heard in its entirety was “Love Ain’t Nuthin’ But Itty Bitty Feelings” composed by Kerwin Young. This was jazz song that began with the alto saxophone played by Brett Jackson. I liked how Young incorporated all the instruments together, yet gave each its own spotlight. The best part was when the trumpet, played by Ryan Thielman, and alto saxophone came together in a duet. I love when brass and reed instruments come together. It added strength to the song.

The next song was “L’amour est Charnel,” composed by Teri Quinn. This was another one of my favorites. William Vestal sang along with Jeff Deutsch on the bassoon and Kent Fu on the piano. It was a powerful and moving song. The vocals just put it over the top.

Following Quinn was pianist and composer Tatev Amiryan with her song “Waiting for the Dawn.” The song included a few Armenian folk songs. Amiryan played with such excellence and was a long beautiful tune filled with positivity in every note. There was part that was very heavy and then light. The song took the audience through a journey, which is always difficult to accomplish.

The following song was very different. It was a very drastic change from the beginning of the show. “Space Kazoo,” composed by Gregory Gagnon and Leah Sproul Pulatie, was a song composed of three movements. It began with “1 and 2,” followed by “Me and You” and last movement called “No We’re Through.” This song took the listener through an emotional roller coaster that caused engaged emotions of confusion and laughter. Gagnon played various instruments, such as the electric guitar, trumpet and the ocarina. Pulatie played the keyboard, percussion and the kazoo.

The last movement was a duet of ocarina and kazoo. Pulatie kept trying to hold down the giggles in the last movement as everyone laughed along. It was an interesting ride the audience took and it definitely broadened my horizons.

The second half of the show began with “Jaunt,” composed by Mackenzie Copp. This was an interesting song. I am a big fan of instrumental music so it was refreshing to get a new perspective. This song included instruments such as the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn. The instruments complimented each other so well and it was a song that provided the audience with a adventure through beautiful music.

The same instrumentalists played the following song, “Decryption,” composed and directed by Eric Taylor. It was beautiful. All the instruments’ entrances gave me goose bumps. It gave the feeling of grandness. Grandness is the word to describe the song as a whole.

The show closed with “Falling Through Infinity,” composed by Nicholas S. Omiccioli. This song had an overbearing notion of power. The cello played by Sasha Groschang gave it a deep feeling and mesmerized my friends and me. It was a song you would hear during a suspenseful moment in a movie. It had a strong feeling that made me feel part of the journey the song created.

The next performance called Musica Nova, will be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13 at White Recital Hall. The Composers’ Guild next showcase will be Friday, Dec. 2 at White Recital Hall. For more information on the Composers’ Guild, visit

[email protected]