Fast Fact: Walk or bike to be healthier in October

Louis Trigg

Earlier this year, the state legislature of Missouri designated the month of October as “Walk and Bike to School Month.” Additionally, the first Wednesday is “Walk and Bike to School Day.”

Governor Jay Nixon signed the bill (SB 180) into law during the summer.

It promotes daily exercise and healthy living for students and faculty in the state where unhealthy habits exist for residents of all age ranges.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Missouri ranked the sixth in obesity in 2010.

Since then, the state has enacted campaigns to boost outdoor recreation and pledged more than $300,000 in grants for bicycle and pedestrian trails.

Although the bill stresses daily exercise and healthy living, it also promotes alternative methods of environmentally friendly transportation.

It particularly coincides with UMKC’s alternative commute program, Clean Commute.

Clean Commute is a two-year pilot program funded by the Missouri Department of Transportation and managed by Bridging The Gap.

“Modeled on successful programs across the country the UMKC Clean Commute program will incorporate alternative transportation education while focusing on a campus-wide bicycle loan program,” according to the Bridging the Gap website.

Swinney Recreation Center manages the Clean Commute bicycle program where bikes are available for students, staff and faculty.

More than 50 bikes are available for one semester. Two bikes are available for daily loans.

Anyone interested in bike rentals can contact 816-235-2715 or [email protected]

[email protected]