'The Sound & the Sea': Alumnus releases his second album

Mark Linville

Since 2006, singer, songwriter and alumnus Griffen Alexander has worked to get his music career off the ground. While attending classes and working, Alexander released his first album “Never in Neutral.”

Four years later, Alexander began work on his second,

“The Sound & The Sea.”

As a sophomore recording, the music has matured quite a bit since his previous release. “Never in Neutral” presented a younger angst through the upbeat chorus and fun lyrics. However, that’s not to say his new material is not fun and upbeat.

Alexander’s new album was made possible by his fans through a website called www.kickstarter.com, which allows fans to fund an artist’s project by pledging money. Alexander faced a cost of $10,000 to record, but lacked the funds. Needless to say, his fans pledged more than $10,000, thus allowing “The Sound & The Sea” to grace our ears.

After listening to the album in its entirety, I got a John Mayer meets the Plain White T’s with a little Dave Matthews vibe. And when I say John Mayer, I don’t mean it’s overly whiney and pretentious.

The first track on the album is my favorite. “Mississippi Water” kicks off the album with a fun pace. With heart-felt lyrics and a melody that could catch anyone’s attention, “Mississippi Water” is a song that will have you reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

Every track has its own aesthetic, painting a mental image of sleepless summers full of carefree moonlit evenings, having a good time with friends or falling in love with someone special.

The track “I will” takes you back to those horrible breakups. With lyrics like “She said ‘I feel like I’m drowning, and you’re the ocean,’” the emotion hits you as soon as the song begins.

Alexander’s tracks will always leave you with a smile, both with sound and tempo. Even though “I will” is about a breakup, it features lyrics that aren’t so glum.

“The Sound & The Sea” has something for everyone. It may not be mainstream music, but is appealing nonetheless.

Alexander has come a long way since residing in the halls of the Volker campus as a communication studies major.

“The Sound & The Sea” made its debut in physical form at the official release party on Thursday at the recordBar in downtown KC.

I highly recommend this album for all who like music.

To buy a copy or to listen to sample tracks, head over to www.griffenalexander.com.

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