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Lindsay Adams

Mayor honors UMKC Students in Free Enterprise

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) was recently honored by Mayor Sly James for its contributions to Kansas City. The city has decided to formally recognize the successful ventures of SIFE over several years to business and the community in Kansas City.

James said Sept. 23 will be officially dedicated as the University of Missouri-Kansas City Students in Free Enterprise Day.

“Getting recognition on that level is huge,” SIFE President Beth Larson said.

Dan McMillen, SIFE USA Program Manager, recently announced that SIFE’s 2012 National Competitions will be held in Kansas City.

He said part of the reason Kansas City was chosen for this honor was its accomplishments and diligence and the connectivity between the Kansas City community and UMKC SIFE.

The 2012 National Competition will be held on May 22-24. According to the SIFE website, “The SIFE USA National Exposition brings together the top student, academic and business leaders from around the country. Beyond the experience of the competition, the event is complete with additional opportunities for these leaders to connect.” This convention will provide an economic boost for Kansas City.

“Having the SIFE National Expo in Kansas City is going to be great for the metropolitan area,” Larson said. “There will be between 3,000 and 4,000 of the most motivated students from across the country as well as business executives from great companies like Kraft, Campbell’s and Wal-Mart all in Kansas City for a week. The expo will reaffirm Kansas City’s visibility as a great place to go to school, live and do business.”

This honor will positively affect UMKC SIFE and how Kansas City views UMKC.

“It just really puts into perspective for current and new SIFE members how highly we are looked upon in the community,” SIFE member Bradley New said. “When you find out that an organization is getting these types of accolades, it really brings a huge moral boost and a sense of pride to the group.”

UMKC SIFE was named Regional Champion at the SIFE USA Regional Competition.The group has 79 multi-discipline registered members.

“The mission of UMKC SIFE is to make a positive economic, social and environmental impact in our world – locally, nationally, and globally,” Larson said.

UMKC SIFE has made two trips to China and will soon be making its third. These trips often focus on talking with Chinese students who have expressed an interest in traveling to the U.S. to study. Recently, UMKC SIFE broadened its goals to include promoting its hometown and speaking about how to do business in Kansas City.

UMKC SIFE students will be speaking to the future leaders of business in China. SIFE recognizes the importance of international trade for a thriving economy in any city. International commerce with China is a promising possibility.

“This year, the recognition that international trade is a vital part of any city in the United States placed an even greater emphasis upon the good will that SIFE might provide when presenting to the future leaders of China during their upcoming trip there,” SIFE advisor Cary Clark said.

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