Briefly Mentioned: UMKC to see car-sharing program

Louis Trigg

Students who lack vehicular transportation may soon gain access to an inexpensive option.

Last week, the Kansas City Council set a vote that would bring car-rental stations to UMKC.

Partnering with the Mid-America Regional Council and UMKC, Kansas City is piloting an hourly car-rental program that is expected to be available by the end of the year on the Volker and Hospital Hill campuses. Initially, the program is expected to contain only a couple of cars. However, it could build throughout the city if proven successful.

Hourly car rentals are expected to be helpful for people under 25, who suffer an added fee from traditional car rental locations.

The Council’s vote was a revision of a previous initiative, passed in 2004 to fund the Sprint Center. Then, voters didn’t include an hourly option. Instead, a $4 per day rental-car fee was nominated to support the downtown arena.

Similar programs are already established on other campuses throughout the country. Given the current issues with parking spaces and permits, it would serve well for those who wish to carpool or persist without a car.

Hourly rental premiums might range from $8 to $12, including the cost of fuel and insurance.

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