School of Nursing offers new degree

Louis Trigg

Announced in July, UMKC welcomes a new Bachelor’s of Health Sciences (BHS) degree program this semester.

“We are so pleased to be able to offer yet one more way that students can achieve a degree in higher education in an area that is growing so quickly and is so vital and important to the growth and care of our own community and its people,” Academic Adviser Emily VanArsdale said.

Recently, schools across the country have added the BHS degree, in response to the growth rate of the healthcare industry. The addition is expected to serve students who are interested in the healthcare industry, but don’t plan on entering a professional degree program. Particularly, allies interested in careers such as business, marketing or journalism will be well prepared by the BHS.

Marketing and recruitment efforts are currently underway for the program at UMKC, approved in June, and program advisers believe momentum will continue to grow, based on the number of incoming inquiries for the inaugural program.

“Roles traditionally served by professional healthcare workers are being shifted somewhat and are creating opportunities for people with bachelor’s degrees to enter this part of the work force with even more potential for growth and career development,” VanArsdale said.

During the first two years, the program takes place at UMKC’s Volker campus, while efforts are developing to place classes on the Hospital Hill campus for the last two years.

Combining a liberal arts and health sciences education, interested students will learn the concepts of epidemiology, wellness, health care systems, finance, technology, and leadership.

Prospective jobs include: hospital administrator, dietician, wellness coordinator, and social services case manager.

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