Student IDs give community access to UMKC students

Louis Trigg

Beginning this fall, new student ID cards will serve as U.S. Bank ATM/Debit transaction cards for bank account holders.

The new feature comes in time for the opening of a U.S. Bank branch in the Student Union this September.

Added benefits continue a nationwide race of arming ID cards with business partnerships, potentially providing new sources of income to stripped budgets.

UMKC holds a strategic initiative to develop partnerships with local entities that may increase revenue streams as well.

“The success of our university is inextricably linked to the success of Kansas City,” said UMKC Chancellor Leo Morton in a statement shortly after being chosen for the position a couple of years ago.

Though debit transactions are possible, the IDs lack VISA linkage, and therefore don’t function at locations that require a signature, where separate VISA branded cards are required.

Additionally, new cards provide all-access passage for Kansas City bus transportation.

A recently-passed student vote gave students the option of convenient transportation fees this semester with scarce parking spaces on campus and swelling gas costs.

“How to Ride” clinics will commence this week on Aug. 23 and 24 to help familiarize cardholders with the system layout.

As usual, ID cards maintain the same features available in previous years, such as Roo bucks, Student Advantage program and meal plans.

The advantages are expected to establish a more solid association between UMKC students and the surrounding metro community.

Transaction history and deposits can be made online at

In addition, student ID cards can be used to attend UMKC sporting events, eat at dining service locations, make purchases at the Smart Market, check out materials at the campus library, charge books to your student account from the University Bookstore, enter secure campus buildings and residence halls and get discounts at local and national merchants.

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