Royals Update

Luke Harman

So it’s the first week of the fall semester here at UMKC and we all know what that means…..Yes you’ve guessed it, as we speak the Kansas City Royals are last in the American League West Division standings. Same old story? It was a great start to the season, which surely brightened up a lot of Royals’ fans’ summers (not that we needed it). The white and blue aften appear in every game, often fighting into extra innings. But just when we come back to school, to our friends and foes who hail from all over the major leagues map, we are the laughing stock of baseball at least until our youngsters mature and gain some vital experience in the major leagues.

After beating the Yankees 5-4 last Wednesday night, the Royals resumed their losing ways and were defeated 4-3 by the Boston Red Sox. They were then drubbed by the same opponent 7-1.

Granted these outfits are arguably the two most successful organizations in baseball, and the Royals are nowhere near their level of performance or consistency.

But why do we accept this? Shouldn’t our team be competing among the best?

The answer to these questions over the past few years has been that there are great prospects coming through the ranks of the Royals.

Eric Hosmer and Johnny Giavotella have been impressive this season and taken the step up to the big leagues.

Catcher Salvador Perez looks promising while Danny Duffy has his work cut out to fill the shoes of former ace Zach Greinke.

Unfortunately another season has gotten away from the Royals, but to grasp some sort of silver lining, at least some of our future hopes of KC baseball are now physically here.

It is no longer idle chit-chat, the future hopes of our team are out on the field now and learning the tricks of the trade all the time. So here’s to hoping the Royals finish the season strong and re-group for the future.

And hey, at least Paul Rudd wears our colors.

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