UMKC Students Strive to Make a Change in the Community Through the Kansas City Service Club

Kansas City Service Club is a group of students aiming to make a difference that extends beyond campus


Kenzie Eklund/Roo News

Kansas City Service Club List of names from front to back: Grace Donnelli, Albert Guerra, Katelyn Gendron, Larry Smith, Loren May, Adriana Spangler, Trevor McCracken

Kenzie Eklund, Lifestyle and Culture Editor

  Three UMKC students, originally from St. Louis, were desperate to be active in the Kansas City community. After struggling to find an opportunity to volunteer as a group, they decided to fill that gap and create their own club – the Kansas City Service Club. 

  The organization is a student-led volunteering club that facilitates volunteer opportunities for students to get involved locally. 

  “It’s a great way to get involved in the community, especially if you are not familiar with what the KC area has to offer,” founders of the KC Service Club, Larry Smith, Katelyn Gendron and Adriana Spangler said. “All of our events are group opportunities, so they are fun and low-commitment but rewarding experiences.”

  The club hosts volunteer events every month. There are a variety of opportunities for students to get involved, allowing them to explore different avenues with the hope of sparking passion among the team. 

  “Some events we have done this year include making birthday cards for the Confetti Foundation and sorting donations with Feed Northland Kids, as well as with Journey to New Life,” Smith, Gendron and Spangler said.  

  The club hopes to expand and create lasting connections within the Kansas City community. They aim to form relationships with different organizations in the area that will continue to provide opportunities for students to volunteer even after they have graduated.

  KC Service Club is already making changes in the community, with even more plans to come. 

  “We plan each event with the goal of helping students make impactful changes,” Smith, Gendron and Spangler said. “Next semester, we plan to do a park clean-up near campus, because Brush Creek is a great community area, but the trash there often goes overlooked.”

  To the Kansas City Service Club, serving the community means giving what there is offer. 

  “Whether it’s by giving donations or your time, anything you have to give can be really impactful for others, and you should always feel like you can help others around you and make a difference in your community,” Smith, Gendron and Spangler said. 

  All KC Service Club events can be found on RooGroups. The club holds an informational meeting on-campus at the beginning of each semester. There are also periodic meetings held throughout the school year to discuss events, brainstorm ideas and collect feedback. 

  For people wanting to get involved, there is an end-of-year event with information and food on May 1 at 7 p.m. in the student union. Find the club on Instagram to keep up with their events.

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