Loyalty in royalty

Elijah Ringler

You’ve been promised something.

If you are a Kansas City Royals fan you have heard that great things are in store for the future. You have been informed that there are great players throughout the farm system and you have been asked to simply be patient and wait for inevitable success.

You’ve heard this before and you know it.

You remember Carlos Beltran, Zack Greinke, Johnny Damon and Jermaine Dye and how Alex Gordon was our next George Brett.

You remember how Gil Meche signed an enormous contract to become our next Bret Saberhagen and how he ended up becoming our next Jose Lima.

You remember that Bo Jackson ruled the sports world but wore our powder blue and how it was all taken away in an instant because he liked playing football in his spare time. You remember that this has been going on for two decades. You remember being duped before.

You’re really tired of hearing about the future, but that’s too bad.

The general consensus around baseball is that the Royals current roster is destined to lose about 90 games and once again become irrelevant around the all-star break. You’ve heard that before.

Which is why you hear so much about the future, the hype.

There were nine Royals minor leaguers who were included in the Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects List, the most by one organization in the history of the rankings. Names such as Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer and Wil Myers are supposed to be driving in a lot of runs in a few years. A gaggle of left handed pitchers led by John Lamb and Michael Montgomery should be shutting down American League hitters before too long.

You’re hearing the Royals are going to be pretty good in a few years. There is talk that they could be a contender by then. You’ve heard this before and you’ve seen this fail. But this feels a little different. It feels a little more realistic, maybe a bit more bonafide.

But you’re a Royals fan and this still gives you the same uneasy feeling in the end and that worries you.

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