New UMKC Medical and Dental Facility, Amendment 3, Abortion Law, Britt Reid Sentenced: RooTV 11/12/22


Anchors Rex Stickney and Marissa Leggio give us updates on a new UMKC medical and dental facility on hospital hill, amendment 3, abortion law, and son of Chiefs head coach sentenced to prison. Jackson is in the den with updates on UMKC sports, Chiefs win over the Titans, and info about the new manager for the Royals. Josh has a follow up review of “The Mole” and a new show he just finished, “Killer Sally.” Afnan does her review on three of her new favorite reads, “It Starts With Us,” by Colleen Hoover, “Ninth House,” by Leigh Bardugo, and Ashley Poston’s “The Dead Romantics.” Check it out!