MSA hosts career fair

Troy Frink

Many students enter higher education to make themselves more marketable.

UMKC’s Career Services aims to help students be successful in a competitive job market.

Career Services teamed with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) to create the MSA Career 101 sessions hosted on March 16.

“We’re basically holding these events to cater to students’ needs,” graduate assistant Veronica Castro said. “We want to help in many different ways, such as with interview skills and helping students look for jobs after they graduate.”

According to administrative intern for Career Services Young Song, partnering with MSA was an easy decision. The workshop covered the etiquette of an interview.

“For example, if interviewers say, ‘Tell me about yourself,’ you want to keep your answers related to the position,” said Coordinator of Undergraduate Career Advising with Career Services, Melissa Scholten.

“You don’t want to say ‘I’m from Kansas City,’ like you would in a social situation. It’s tough because we’re so used to saying things like that,” Scholten said.

Song stressed the importance of volunteering and community service on a résumé along with education and work experience.

“Engage in organizations,” Song said. “It looks great on your résumé if you volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club, for example.”

The workshop also covered what a résumé should look like.

“Your résumé should be concise, no longer than a page, and use action verbs like trained or assisted,” Song said. “Don’t use cursive fonts. Stick to Arial or Times New Roman and be sure to save it as a .pdf format. Most computers can read those now.

Scholten offered her experience in hiring new employees.

“Formatting is key,” Scholten said. “I look at formatting before I look at content if I have a giant stack of résumés. If it’s not visually appealing, I don’t even look at it. Most other employers will do the same thing.”

Career Services also sponsors the Etiquette Luncheon that will take place April 6, 2011 at 11:30 a.m. in Pierson Auditorium.

Reservations for the luncheon are required and have a $10 ticket price.

“You’ll get fed, we won’t leave you hungry,” Song said. “Not only will you get a five-course meal, you’ll learn the skills needed for work-related meals and interviews.”

Students who might not know what they want to do after college, Career Services offers a free service called SIGI3, a website designed to help with career exploration, planning and assessment, Song said. For more information, visit and click the SIGI3 Career Assessment tab.

For more information about Career Services and upcoming events, call 816-235-5427 or go to 4825 Troost Ave.

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