Learning through differences

Andrew Miller

MSA sponsors Trivia Night

On Feb. 2, the Office of Multicultural and Student Affairs (MSA) held its annual trivia event. Trivia Night was one of the weekly events planned by MSA in honor of Black History Month.

Gift cards to the University Bookstore, AMC Theatres, Red Mango, Lucky Strike Lanes and Yogurtini were on the line as teams “Homeland” and “Numero Dos” tested their knowledge of African-American History against each other.

This was only one event in a February filled with activities.

The trivia questions varied in subject matter and difficulty.

Participants were expected to be knowledgeable of famous African-American athletes and pop culture figures, as well as answer questions regarding famous civil rights activists and culture shaping events.

The fifty questions were displayed via PowerPoint presentation on a screen while the participants conferred with their teammates for an answer. Team Homeland, anchored by history buff Nacenté Seabury, came away with the victory,

Both teams learned a great deal about African-American culture.

Brandi Spates, Graduate Assistant for MSA, saw the event as an opportunity to educate students.

“We wanted to make this an educational experience, so we gave both teams study guides before-hand, rather than expecting them to come up and just guess the answer,” Spates said. “We wanted them to take something away from this.”

Spates said the MSA office is open to all who wish to come.

“The moment anyone walks in, they’re greeted and quickly become part of the group,” Spates said. “You can just give us your e-mail and we’ll send you updates on events and volunteering opportunities.”

MSA was created in 1988 to provide an advocate for the University’s minority students, to assist their needs and adhere to them.

“There needs to be a place for students to feel safe. It’s always good to see individuals become inspired by people like them,” Spates said.

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