Kobe ignites tastebuds

Mark Linville

Kansas City boasts hundreds of restaurants that feature their own style and cuisine.

One of those restaurants has a unique and fiery family or date-style dinner you can’t help but enjoy.

The newest restaurant to join the array of the Power & Light District joints, Kobe Japanese Steak and Seafood will truly ignite your flavor palate.

Kobe presents a menu of traditional and high-end dishes.

They offer appetizers like Tempura, vegetable dumplings called Gyoza, sushi and sashimi, to name a few.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hibachi Chicken entrée, complete with freshly grilled vegetables, fried rice, sesame style chicken, and a side of ginger and Yum Yum sauce for dipping.

Their signature dessert is known as Machi Ice Cream, or Japanese Bonbons wrapped in thin sticky rice.

Typically, your meal is prepared and cooked in a kitchen and is always done behind the scenes, but at Kobe, your meal is completed less than two feet away.

Instead of having a boring old table, Kobe has their grills built into a bar style arrangement.

It’s like having a front row seat to a pyrotechnics show, but with food.

Before going to Kobe, I would have never expected dinner to be transformed into entertainment.

The chef was very engaging and comical as he did the humdrum task of cooking.

With every slice and dice of the vegetables, he showcased his expertise with a paring knife.

I was really impressed with the onion volcano, which was made from one slice of an onion.

The chef took each layer and stacked them to make a cone, then proceeded to add various oils in the center that soon ignited into a huge gust of flames that got everyone’s attention.

With every addition to the grill, the chef said very amusing descriptors for the ingredients.

He referred to cucumbers as “green bananas,” and referred to his throwing of butter as “butterfly.”

Everyone has always heard of the restaurants that throw food into your mouth, and Kobe is no different.

It seems odd to have a piece of hot and delicious shrimp projected into your mouth.

Kobe provides a fun environment for all to enjoy.

There is never a dull moment while eating and watching three-foot flames burst right in front of you.

For more information about Kobe Japanese Steak and Sushi, visit their website at www.kobejs.com.

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