Park It!

Mark Linville

When getting a permit for campus parking, it may get confusing as to what type of pass you’ll need to get.

The two campuses have multiple lots that require a certain type of permit.

If you don’t have that permit, then you may receive a ticket for parking there illegally.

Aside from certain classifications of permits, there are general types: Day, Remote Lot parking, Oak Place parking, Motorcycle, moped, motor-scooter parking, and Evening Permits.

Here’s how they work:

Day Parking Permit

This pass is valid in the student parking lots listed below.

Day permits are currently priced at $106 per semester.

Single semester permits must be renewed every semester.

Multi-semester permits are offered in the fall and winter semesters.

Valid Day permit locations:


Rockhill parking structure

Oak Street parking structure

School of Education (West Lot)

Biological Sciences Building (East Lot)

4825 Troost Building (South Lot)

University Center (North Lot)

Hospital Hill

Nursing Annex

25th and Charlotte streets

Hospital Hill parking structure (levels 4 through 7 only)

Evening Parking Permit

This pass is for lots that are restricted until 4:15 p.m. daily.

These lots will be available to students who have purchased a Day and Evening parking permit.

Evening permits are currently priced at $89 per semester.

Evening permits are not valid in the following locations: Bloch School (North Lot, row closest to Cherry Street), Law School (North side, two rows closest to the building), School of Education (North side, row closest to building), Administrative Center (East side, row closest to building), Performing Arts Center (East side of building).

Remote Lot Parking Permit

One of the newest permits offered, this pass costs $40 per semester.

It allows Volker Campus faculty, staff, and students to park on the Hospital Hill Campus.

Those who work or are enrolled for class at Hospital Hill are not eligible for this pass.

This pass is valid 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Oak Place Parking Permit

This pass allows parking in the Oak Place Apartments parking garage, which is gated, however it offers a limited amount of parking spaces.

The pass is not limited to residence of Oak Place, but they do receive priority.

The Oak Place permit is currently offered for $140 per semester.

This pass is valid 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Motorcycle, moped, motor-scooter Parking Permit

Individuals applying only for a motorcycle permit will be charged half the current fee for the permit type issued.

Applicants applying for a motorcycle permit as a secondary permit will be issued a motorcycle permit at no charge.

For more information about parking please go to

[email protected]