Kansas City Current Makes History In A Groundbreaking Event


The event, hosted by the Kansas City Current, included a speech by the owners of the franchise. (Manny Morales/RooNews)

Savannah Moore, Writer

  Kansas City made history as they broke ground for the first-ever stadium, solely dedicated to women’s soccer. 

 Currently, there are 27 soccer stadiums in the United States. Zero of those stadiums were built specifically for the National Women’s Soccer League. The $70 million dollar stadium is set to open in the year 2024, and there is much anticipation for this new opportunity happening right here in Kansas City. 

  KC Current Founder Brittany Mahomes and Co-Owner Angie Long stood close by in excitement during the groundbreaking event on October 6. Director of Communications Dani Welniak showcased how exhilarating it was to be a part of history. 

  “There’s no way that you can have a conversation with the Longs and say I don’t want to be a part of this. I absolutely could not refuse being a part of this organization and being a part of what they stand for.”

  The new stadium will hold close to 11,000 fans located at Berkley Riverfront Park. Not only is it creating new opportunities for women’s soccer but one of UMKC’s very own soccer players, junior Caijah Anderson reflects on what it means to her. 

  “I think it is incredible. Seeing history being made, especially in my own city where I play soccer as a woman, it is extremely inspiring. It makes me excited for the future of women’s sports in general,” Anderson said. 

  As Chris Long stated in an interview with KSHB, their plans go beyond the love of soccer.

 “Not only is this stadium part of our vision to be the best women’s football club in the world but it also represents an investment in a multi-purpose venue which will bring concerts, other sports, and tremendous programming which will undoubtedly benefit our broader region.”

With the Kansas City Current recently reaching the National Women’s Soccer League championship, there’s a great chance that the organization brings in a trophy to the soon-to-be-newly-minted stadium. 
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