VD Party rocks KC

Shelby Fahrmi

With the promise of a free concert, whispers of adventures, escapades and a public spin the bottle table many UMKC students braved the lines Friday, Feb. 11 to be a part of Afentra’s VD Party at the Midland Theatre by AMC.

The VD Party is put on annually by local radio station 96.5 The Buzz and features a free concert, spin the bottle, a kissing booth and enough pheromones to heat things up for many flirtatious concert goers.

Unfortunately The Midland was filled to capacity by 7 p.m. and many unlucky concert goers never made it in the doors.

Before the show began, the tension, excitement, and anticipation filling the venue was thicker than the smoke lingering above the crowd. It was during this time that many felt the joys of kissing Meredith (from The Buzz’s afternoon program, the Church of Lazlo) in her “kissing booth” or mingled in hopes of finding a valentine.

The first band of the night had people dancing from the start and kicking the show off with enough energy to make even the glummest fan smile with enthusiasm. The Limousines are more charismatic and exciting live than their album ever lets on, with front man Eric Victorino flailing, jumping, screaming and dancing to their electro-pop hits.

When their radio hit “Internet killed the video star” was played many fans sustained injuries due to uncoordinated crowd surfers but most agreed it was well worth it to hear The Limousines live.

Up next on the bill came the eclectic sounds of AWOLNATION, a band that combines punk, hip-hop and the suave of R&B to create a sound that’s all there own. AWOLNATION was a great second course to The Limousines, being as charismatic if not more so than their predecessors.

When their hit “Sail” started, the crowd surfers reached their peak and all time high, one man even fracturing his foot due to a crowd dive gone awry. One fellow even jumped on stage and danced with the band until he was tackled by security. I would recommend seeing this band live any chance that is presented to you.

Finally the headliner Fitz and the Tantrums whirled on stage with all the energy of a tropical storm, with lead singer Michael Fitzpatrick and vocalist Noelle Skaggs boogieing on stage.

When I said the prior bands had energy and charisma, it was nothing compared to these guys. They were so full of life and fun, many in the crowd could not suppress the urge to move their feet to the beat of the music, myself included.

Fitz’s nostalgic soulful pop delighted the ears of those in attendance, and soon after they started to play, everyone was dancing and having a grand time.

The VD Party was not just about the awesome music but also about socializing and possibly finding a valentine. Overall the VD party was a smashing good time and if you weren’t in attendance, I suggest you go next year. Mark your calendars now and make sure to show up early to secure your spot.

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