Weird News

Sarah Ashlock

Run, Stefaan, run

Imagine running a marathon every day for an entire year. Sounds impossible, right? Not for Stefaan Engels, a 49-year-old Belgian former graphic designer. According to CNN, Engels just completed his 365th day of marathon running. His feet have traipsed all over the world, including Spain, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States, tracking a total of 9,569 miles. Oh yeah, and he already holds the record for being the only person to complete 20 Iron Man triathlons in one year. Eh, no big deal.

Ford Motor Co.’s mushroom trip

Remember Super Mario Bros.? Princess Peach Toadstool dwelled in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario and Yoshi would bounce off of psychedelic-looking mushrooms. We might just be approaching Mushroom Kingdom, according to AOL News.

PBS will host a four-part series called “Nova: Making Stuff” with technology reporter David Pogue.

The series examines ways scientists are trying to reduce vehicles’ carbon tire track on the environment. Deborah Mielewski, technical leader of plastics research at Ford Motor Co., says Ford is working with “green plastics” to create car parts.

They are experimenting with mushroom roots by mixing them with other plant matter like wheat straw. The mushroom mixture is placed in a car part mold, where the mushroom roots feed off the plant matter, expand and are removed from the mold and covered with bioplastic. Voila, a mushroom car part! Mario and Luigi would be psyched.

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